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TMT Tetra mean time (Steel case or PVD)


Hand watch with Swiss movement Landeron GMT, stainless steel Sandwich- case (PVD treatment possible).
Anti-reflex and Anti-scratch sapphire glass with high wear resistance.

What is PVD?

PVD is the acronym for “Physical Vapour Deposition”. It is a very peculiar and innovative coating system. Actually, it is not a regular way of coating because the transfer of material occurs in a vacuum room with a temperature of 400 C. Steel and titanium bond at a molecular level.

PVD is used in several fields as an alternative to common coating techniques, solving some of the most common issues and enhancing the quality and technical characteristics.

Starting from different kinds of the substrate (the composing material of the object to be coated) such as brass, zamak, aluminum, steel, titanium up to plastic, glass/crystal, ceramic, carbon fiber, various materials are deposited. Some of them are zirconium (Zr), titanium (Ti), chrome (Cr), titanium-aluminum (TiAl), aluminum-titanium (AlTi), aluminum-chromium (AlCr), blended with technical gases such as nitrogen (N), Oxygen (O2,), Acetylene (C2H2,), Methane (CH4).

These combinations allow us to obtain High surface hardness (HV > 1800), high resistance to the aggressive actions of salt spray, and other atmospheric agents. Moreover, PVD ensures higher resistance to many products for domestic and industrial use.
The possibility to have a wide range of achievable colors added to its atoxcity and zero-impact production chain round off its main features.



TMT Tetra mean time:
  • Three-pieces stainless steel case 316L diameter 40 mm
  • Size 50×43 h 11.50 mm
  • Customized screws
  • Front and back with Sapphire glass
  • 8-screw cap
  • Brushed bracelet with stainless steel clasp
  • Swiss movement Landeron GMT
  • Dial coated with 12 real indexes white Superluminova
  • Brushed Steel spheres in white Superluminova
  • Screw down crown
  • 20 atm

Additional information


PVD, Steel


Arabic numerals, Glasses (spheres)


Balck, Dark Blue, Green, White


Nothing, Laser Engraving, 18k Gold Initials


  • Contro scatola
  • Scatola/box
  • Cinturino in pelle (Spider straps) fatto a mano con cuciture del colore del dial.
  • Cacciavite per rimuovere/sostituire il bracciale e cinturino in pelle
  • Certificato di Garanzia (24 mesi)

Incisione / Iniziali Oro

Incisione Laser

L’incisione può essere effettuata sulla cassa lato opposto alla corona o sulla chiusura del bracciale.
Aggiungere nelle note dell’ordine i dettagli dell’incisione.

Supplemento 30€

Iniziali Oro 18 Karati

E’ possibile applicare al massimo due elementi, sia lettere che numeri sulla cassa, nel lato opposto alla corona.
Aggiungere nelle note dell’ordine i dettagli delle lettere.

Supplemento 150€