Tetra Watch

Tetra Watch is a project born from a log-life passion for timepieces, from the willingness to create something different, peculiar. Something both enthusiasts and newbies could appreciate.

But, above all, Tetra Watch is born from the willingness to put yourself out there, despite the obstacles life may hold in store. This is the main reason behind the name and logo!

Over the years, I have had the chance to see, try, buy, and study several watches. What occurred to me is that most of them lack in personality; a personality that is indeed crucial – in my humble opinion.

I began this journey with warm reviews.

I was invited to present the Tetra Watch project by the CPI (Collegio Periti Italiani) during a Watchmaking convention in Bologna.

This was indeed a great reward for the passionate job I do dedicate myself to this dream of mine, driving me to look even more carefully for the best components and materials.

Tetra watches are unique thanks to the care and the study behind their design. Who wears them hopefully feels their quality and personality.

A watch made with passion is the centre of a paradise. To understand it is to enter into (that) paradise. – Cit.

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Schermata 2020 08 30 Alle 15.52.18
Schermata 2020 08 30 Alle 15.52.34
Schermata 2020 08 30 Alle 15.52.47
Schermata 2020 08 30 Alle 15.52.59
Schermata 2020 08 30 Alle 15.53.33
Schermata 2020 08 30 Alle 15.53.43
Schermata 2020 08 30 Alle 15.54.11


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